Winnipeg sidewalks could soon be less slippery during the winter months.

Councillor Matt Allard put forward a motion on Monday, asking the Winnipeg Public Service to put together a report on how the city can make sidewalks safer and less slippery for pedestrians.

Allard said Winnipeggers have been asking for improvements to snow clearing services for years, noting the city has received thousands of complaints regarding icy sidewalks. 

To find ways to fix this issue, the public service’s report will outline recommendations for improving the conditions and safety on the city’s icy sidewalks. 

The report will also look at different options, including removing snow down to the pavement, more sanding, and additional machinery. 

“Part of the motion is looking at connecting with the WRHA to see how much health dollars are actually being spent from people slipping and sliding and injuring themselves on sidewalks,” Allard said.

“So it really is a big motion.”

Allard said he first brought this issue forward last year after he slipped and fell on the ice while walking to work.