A Winnipeg woman is taking to social media every single morning in order to spread kindness during these difficult times.

In the mornings, Lori Lucas, who owns and operates the Chicken Chef on Portage Avenue, streams a video on the restaurant’s Facebook page to bring support and positivity to others.

“We have our Facebook page and people inbox us if they need an ear to listen to or they need someone to encourage them and I kept hearing how everybody is down and thinking the worst of the worst and getting mad and about the fighting in the world and all the violence,” she said.

“I thought one way to be able to change is by being kind.”

Lucas said that the videos have received a lot of positive support, and are her way of helping to build other people up.

“That’s what we really need,” she said.

“We need to be reminded that we’re not alone, that we’re in this together.”

Lucas noted the pandemic has affected a lot of people’s mental health and it is important to have these types of conversations.

“As frustrating and scary and dark as times get, there’s someone out there for you, you’re not alone,” Lucas said.

“That’s so crucial that everyone understands that.”

During the pandemic, Lucas has also raised money and cooked meals for front-line workers in personal care homes.

“How cool would it be if kindness spread as fast as COVID did?” she said.

“So many people fight anger and hatred with anger and hatred. You’re not going to win that battle.”