While the snow will be "wet", accumulation and reduced visibility in passing snow squalls is possible on Tuesday.

Parts of the Maritimes are expected to see strong winds and possible flurries Tuesday, as a powerful low-pressure system continues to move north of the Maritimes towards the Labrador Sea.

While wind will remain strong and gusty into Monday evening, it will diminish significantly overnight into Tuesday morning.

As colder air moves back in, flurries are forecast Monday night, with both flurries and snow squalls possible Tuesday.

Parts of northwestern New Brunswick could see some snowfall amounts of 1 to 5 cm through Monday evening. Scattered flurries and showers will be present for other areas of the Maritimes Monday night. Low temperatures for most will fall to or below freezing. Watch for slick spots on surfaces bothMonday evening and Tuesday morning.

Wind eases Monday night but brings colder air into the region. The falling temperatures and scattered flurries could create slick spots on roads.

A weaker low-pressure system will exit the northeastern U.S. and move just south and east past the Atlantic coastline of Nova Scotia on Tuesday. An area of flurries and snow squalls is expected on the northern edge of that system and could impact much of Nova Scotia with some snow reaching the Bay of Fundy coastline in New Brunswick and eastern areas of P.E.I.

An area of flurries and snow squalls may cross Nova Scotia on Tuesday as another system exits the northeastern U.S. and moves past.

The snow is expected to reach western areas of Nova Scotia Tuesday morning and move into eastern areas in the afternoon. While high temperatures for Tuesday are forecast to be above 0 for most of the province, slushy accumulation and reduced visibility is a risk in snow squalls.

While the snow will be "wet," accumulation and reduced visibility in passing snow squalls is possible on Tuesday.

Further flurries/snow squalls will be present in cold west winds off the Northumberland Strait and Gulf of St. Lawrence Tuesday evening and night. Parts of Antigonish County and Inverness/Victoria counties in Cape Breton could continue to accumulate snow into Wednesday morning.

Milder temperatures, including highs that could reach the low-to-mid teens, are forecast for Thursday and Friday of this week.