Cheyenne Desjarlais says she found the locket outside the southeast entrance of the Southgate Centre on Friday.

An Edmonton woman is hoping to find the owner of a special locket she found on Friday.

“I was coming actually back from my lunch break into the mall and I found a little heart on the ground,” Cheyenne Desjarlais recalled.

She found it outside the southeast entrance doors to Southgate Centre.  

“It’s just a little heart,” she said. “When I first picked it up, the first thing I noticed is it was heavy.”

Desjarlais said she knew right away it wasn’t just any locket, but one that can hold a loved one's remains.

“In my urn I have my papa’s ashes,” she said as she touched a pendant on her own necklace.

“It’s close to my heart, it’s comforting and I know I’d be heartbroken if I lost mine."

One side of the found pendant is smooth, while the other features an engraved message: "No longer by my side... but forever in my heart." 

There's also a gold inset shaped like a heart that reads "Mom."

Desjarlais is determined to find the owner of the special keepsake.

She has shared a photo in several Facebook groups and has given her contact information to guest services at the mall.

“I know how heartbroken and devastated I would be if I lost mine and I just want to get it back to the right person.”