'Words were pouring out of me': Sask. musician writes song about the prairie experience

Brent Vandermeulen was stuck at home during a snow storm when he was struck with inspiration.

“Before I knew it, it was three in the morning and words were pouring out of me,” he said.

It was that faithful night that Vandermeulen wrote “306” his ode to the land of living skies.

Vandermeulen had been involved in music since he was a kid. However, he never went as far as releasing an entire song.

“This was definitely out of my comfort zone,” he explained.

Vandermeulen poured his own money into studio time in order for him to tell the world of everything he loves about Saskatchewan.

"I didn’t initially think I was going to put it out,” he said. “I beta tested it on some people and it just snowballed. It wasn’t like I had set out to do this at first.”

When listening to his creation, Vandermeulen is taken back to his memories of home.

From long drives on the rolling plains to attending Rider games. He hopes that others who listen to his work have those same feelings.

Regina local Brent Vandermeulen was stuck at home during a snow storm and started writing.

He came up with ‘306’ and this past week, released it as his first ever single.

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“It’s a neat connection and relationship you have with your audience,” he said. “When all of the sudden they’re feeling the way you feel through your music.”

‘306’ acts as Vandermeulen’s anthem, the way he tells Saskatchewan of his love for the province he grew up in.

"I’m proud to be from here. As much travelling I’ve done around the world, this is still home.”

"306" is now availble to listen on Spotify.