The Crystal Meth Working Group has released a report offering 29 recommendations to help agencies address concerns regarding meth use in Saskatoon.

“Police have seen almost a 2,000 per cent increase in meth possession since 2012, so if that's happening, then there are other things going on, so it is time that we start talking about what it's triggering those things,” coordinator Colleen Christopherson-Cote said.

The recommendations cover quick wins as well as long term system change, she said.

“We want the general population to understand the myths around what crystal myth is and why people are using crystal meth.”

People battling addiction in Saskatoon and across the province have limited treatment options, according to the report. Applying the recommendations would bring improvements within a year, the group says.

The five core priorities include protection, treatment, harm reduction, enforcement/suppression and data integration. Some of the larger recommendations offered in the report include outpatient support living, a24-hour youth drop-in centre and a safe consumption site lead by AIDS Saskatoon.

Debbie Roberts, a Saskatoon resident who used crystal meth for eight years and is now clean, said the report can give people a greater understanding of what type of support systems are needed for those battling the addiction.

“All it took for me was one worker that helped me get my medicine and cared so much to make sure that I went to the doctors, and that gave me hope.”