Working out with dogs: Edmonton trainer hosts dog fitness classes


Dog owners looking to complete a workout with their pets or learn more about canine fitness can benefit from a local trainer who specializes in exercise for dogs.

Sarah Keller, owner of Sit Stay Squat, said she came up with the idea of dog fitness classes after wanting to be able to work out at a gym with her dog.

“I wanted to be able to go to the gym for myself and also wanting to be able to walk my dog,” Keller said. “(I felt) like there wasn’t enough time in the day. I just thought it was such a great idea to be able to work out with my dog.”

Keller added that her initial interest sparked learning about dog yoga and the field of canine fitness.

“There’s this whole world of canine fitness for our dogs where our dogs benefit from fitness in the same way we do,” she said. “Working on coordination, body awareness, muscular strength, flexibility, and core stability is important for our dogs as well.

“A lot of our dogs have lazy posture like we do,” Keller added. “Dogs will also have muscular imbalances.”

Ultimately, it is about preventing injuries in dogs and ensuring they are as healthy as they can be, Keller said.

Keller runs different outdoor workouts and canine fitness walking classes. All dogs are welcome and classes start with leash manners and focus first to ensure their attention is on the exercise.

For more information or to reserve a spot in canine fitness classes, visit Sit Stay Squat’s website