Performers from the popular YES Theatre troupe are staging a concert of a family classic this month at Sudbury's Glad Tidings Church.

The show features the music and songs from Mary Poppins and consists of a 26 person cast and a 16 piece orchestra.

YES Theatre officials say this is one of their largest casts they've had on stage, adding that the audience will not only hear all their favourite Mary Poppins songs, but also new additional songs.

"I've spoken to some of the musicians and some of the actors, it is honestly one of the hardest scores I've ever sung. Rarely do you get the experience of a big Broadway Disney musical in its full capacity, with musicians and actors, and that's what we're performing. It is this amazing orchestra that knows the music by heart and are working so hard, so the experience that an audience gets is the full musical," said Jake Deeth, Associate Artistic Director.

Deeth is also playing the role of George Banks.

"I do have to take off my hat and be like 'okay, I am just an actor right now,' or there are moments, right before this, I was running around making sure that everything was perfect. So, it's having to put on two different hats and becoming a producer and then being an actor and then becoming whatever else is needed," explained Deeth.

One of the main actors is Leah Perreault, who plays the title role of Mary Poppins.

This is Perreault's ninth production with YES Theatre. She says with only a week and a half to prepare, lines had to be memorized quickly.

"It's actually been very entertaining to say the least. In the rehearsal process, t's a really quick one that we have for the orchestra productions. There's like no getting your feet wet, it's just right into the deep end," said Perreault.

Perreault says there's one message she wants viewers to take away, "that family is of the utmost importance and that doesn't always necessarily mean your relatives. I think anybody can be your family and just making sure that you always pay close attention to them."

This is YES Theatres third orchestra piece and those involved say it's a must-see.

They say more than 4,000 tickets have already been sold.