Building a fence might not seem like typical schoolwork, but for students at the Dreambuilders High School, that’s exactly what it is.

Students teamed up with Habitat for Humanity Yorkton to help in the final stages of building a home for a local family.

Students who work on this project get a credit in career prep and skills.

"We kind of came by it by accident we talked to Gary Hutton, the project manager here about working with our students on trades and construction and he had this project that he needed people to help with so we came on board," Rebecca Genovy, an Educational Assistant at Dreambuilders High School.

The students are able to get hands on experience learning about carpentry, from a local professional.

“I've been kind of impressed they're all willing to participate, they're paying attention… If you'd seen us the other day digging post holes it was pretty hard work, but they were all right there helping out," said Gary Hutton the Project Manager for Habitat for Humanity Yorkton.

While many of the students don't think they'll go into carpentry, they wanted to help out a good cause.

“Gary made a compelling argument just introducing the whole thing. I was kind of curious to build a fence too and it didn't seem that hard, but working on it its not that easy either,” said Jude Langan a grade 12 student.

The students will continue to work on the fence for the rest of the week and hope to use the skills they've learned for their own project.

“One of the things we're hoping to learn from this is to build an outdoor area. So, a shelter that we could use outside of our school, so that we can have outdoor classrooms and do programming that way,” Genovy said.