Yorkton Terriers forced play game in two arenas after poor ice conditions

The Yorkton Terriers hosted the Weyburn Redwings on Tuesday night, but poor ice conditions forced the contest to be held in two different arenas.

It was just another usual SJHL game at the Westland Arena in Yorkton until the teams, along with the league, deemed the ice unsafe to play on.

"There was a hole in the ice and we were trying to freeze it and it looked like it was going to take 15 minutes to then a couple hours,” said Mat Hehr, head coach and general manager of the Yorkton Terriers.

At the beginning of the second period the teams packed their bags and headed to the Kinsmen Arena.

“It was a crazy night. That’s the first time I’ve been involved in a hockey game where we have to switch rinks half way through,” said Hehr

While it was a first for the Terriers, league president Bill Chow has been through this before.

“I know from a previous incident where if there is a dentist in the arena you can borrow some liquid nitrogen (from) their tank,” said Chow. “If you put that onto the ice it will freeze quicker where I believe (the Terriers) were trying to use a fire extinguisher.”

The Terriers won 2-1 in overtime thanks to Enrique Fontes. Hehr said despite the travel the team played well.

“Our leaders did an exceptional job (as) I was busy trying to figure out solutions,” said Hehr. “The guys on the team just stepped up and kept guys focused.”

According the Hehr, the unsung heroes of the night where the players who drove to the other arena

“Everyone just hopped in their cars and car pooled over. I know lots of guys just put on their skate guards and just drove over in them,” laughed Hehr. “They made a couple of their drivers take their skates off.”

The Terriers improve to 4-8 on the season after Tuesday night’s win. They return to the Westland Arena on Saturday to host the Battleford North Stars before heading on a seven-game road trip.