This one-year-old cat was found abandoned in a crate on Burnaby Mountain. (BC SPCA)

VANCOUVER - The BC SPCA is asking for donations to help a cat found abandoned alone in a crate on Burnaby Mountain that’s dealing with several serious medical issues.

The cat, named Turkey, was found on Sept. 14. Staff at the Burnaby SPCA gave him that name because he still has a strong appetite even though his teeth are causing him a lot of pain.

“It is hard to say how long he may have been there before someone saw him and called us to pick him up,” said Burnaby SPCA branch manager Nicole McBain in a release. “He was very scared when we found him.”

The one-year-old cat needs two root canals, and the SPCA says the procedure must be done by a dental specialist because his teeth are positioned in an area that could fracture his jaw when extracted.

The SPCA says Turkey’s medical costs, oral surgery and daily care are expected to reach $2,395. The organization is hoping people will donate to help cover Turkey’s medical bills and have set up an online fundraising page.

The cat has been booked-in for surgery in late October and will be cared for in a foster home for two weeks.

The SPCA says abandoning an animal is a crime, and they would pursue charges if the person responsible for leaving Turkey behind can be identified.