Young Eagles

SUDBURY – The Young Eagles program is once again taking flight in Sudbury.

12 young people spent time at the airport on October 5 learning about the aviation industry and had the opportunity to fly.

The young eagles program aims to inspire young people with an interest in aviation to pursue it.

"The first flight that I had as a kid just kept my eyes wide, and I get to relieve that experience every time I watch the young kids go up for the first time. It's exhilarating," said Jeff Cartman, Young Eagles Captain.

"I have already started applying. I went to a recruitment centre for aviation and I am going to apply for the Seneca program… in aviation and hopefully that takes off and so do I," said Joshua Katzur, Young Eagles participant.

Saul Cartman ran the program for many years in Sudbury, taking hundreds of young people up in the air.

He passed away four years ago, and his son Jeff is now restarted the Young Eagles in Sudbury.