Zingers and punchlines: Breaking down what happened this week on the Ontario campaign trail

The four major Ontario party leaders took part in their second, and final, election debate this week.

Voters were given an opportunity to see these potential premiers talk about health care, the economy, education and leadership—but it was the one-line zingers and punchlines that showed viewers what they can expect after election day.

On this week's episode of Ballot Box, the team gives you the debate highlights and brings in some experts to talk about candidates' strategies moving forward. Here's the breakdown:

With the debate now over, what happens next? CTV News Toronto's Queen's Park reporter Siobhan Morris joins Ballot Box this week to talk about what voters can expect in the remaining week and a half before election day.

"I think what you'll start to see now is based on the debate and the reaction that people had to the leaders and their ideas on offer is really fine tuning the messages for ridings that now parties think that they can win or that they're afraid they might lose," Morris said.

CTV News Toronto also has a breakdown of who the voters are in Ontario, outlining how they cast their ballots in 2018 and what issues may be top of mind on June 2.

To view the map, click here.

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