Lady Gaga: 'We All Drink The Poison That Is White Supremacy'


Lady Gaga has shared her thoughts on systemic racism and the fight for social justice sparked by the death of George Floyd in May.

“When you’re born in this country, we all drink the poison that is white supremacy,” the pop star told Billboard. “I am in the process of learning and unlearning things I’ve been taught my whole life.”

Although Gaga has expressed support for the movement on social media, she has largely kept the focus on Chromatica, the collection of unapologetic dance pop she released just four days after Floyd’s death.

Some fans have called on Gaga to say more, do more.

“What do I think about [posting] a black square? I think everybody has a different feeling about a black square,” Gaga said. “Do I think there’s such a thing as performative activism? Yes. Do I think there’s been true activism that’s been very important and needed? Yes. Do I believe Black lives matter? Yes. Do I believe this is going to get louder? Yes. Do I believe it should? Yes.”

Gaga said the events of the last four months will likely be reflected in her live show – but only if it is genuine.

“To say that I would do it to make my show relevant? Absolutely not,” she explained. “I would do it to make my show right. I would do it to make my show good.”

Gaga also acknowledged that Chromatica was inspired by music created by people of colour, like the late house DJ Frankie Knuckles.

“All music is Black music,” she said. “That’s just a fact.”

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