Future Star - Annika

Annika - Future Star

ANNIKA is a storyteller. She is an accomplished musician, vocalist and songwriter known for her soulful vocals. Her voice transports audiences through a musical journey, filling spaces in our hearts and souls with a rich, nuanced emotion.  

ANNIKA’s ability to capture audiences comes not just from her musical charisma, but from a refreshingly authentic and comedic personality, which has powerfully engaged and entertained audiences around the world since 2012.

ANNIKA is taking a new musical direction since moving on from CCMA-nominated country-pop duo, Leaving Thomas, by releasing her first full length solo album, Stand Still. The project is a departure from her previous work and showcases a more mature, introspective ANNIKA, highlighting her talents as a musician, specifically as a pianist.

ANNIKA is poised to be Canada’s next breakout artist as her fans wait in anticipation to hear her new music and to see her fun personality back on stage. 


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