Future Star Country

  • Karli June

    With a pop-flavoured approach to songwriting that’s both optimistic and thoughtful, Karli June is poised to join the ranks of Canada’s leading country music artists.
  • Lemon Cash

    Brothers Cory and Jeff Papineau made money running a lemonade stand as kids; now, as adults, the Ottawa natives are paying homage to their lifelong creative partnership by calling their country music duo Lemon Cash. 
  • Owen Riegling

    Owen Riegling comes by his music honestly. When he sings about old dirt roads, young love or the simple pleasure of a cold beer on a Friday night, it’s not just words. He’s lived it.
  • Teigen Gayse

    A small-town girl of Metis decent with a big voice and an even bigger message. There’s no better way to describe the power of BC-born producer/singer/songwriter Teigen Gayse.
  • Parker Graye

    Parker Graye is on a mission to make country music sad again as highlighted by her signature catchphrase - “Saddies for the Baddies”.
  • Dayna Reid

    With powerhouse vocals, fresh, one-of-a-kind lyrics and an attitude of determination and tenacity, there’s a lot to be excited about with Dayna Reid, the latest addition to the country music scene.
  • Alexander Ludwig

    You may wonder why the name Alexander Ludwig is familiar to you. It could be that he is a seasoned actor and has appeared in shows such as Vikings and currently the STARZ TV series “Heels”.
  • Dax

    Daniel Nwosu Jr., better known as the Canadian rapper, singer and songwriter, Dax, is currently riding a wave of success with his Country-infused and near Gold breakout single “Dear Alcohol”.
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