23-year-old rising pop star Andye has rapidly amassed millions of streams on his singles, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Born in Ethiopia and raised in Toronto, the young singer is able to draw on a myriad of sounds from his childhood to build his own singular sonic world. Listing Michael Jackson and The Weeknd among his chief influences, Andye takes inspiration from their experimental sounds and unique visuals. “The way people say, 'I want to do this like Michael'—in 10 years, I want them to be like, 'this sounds like Andye'. I want my music to have that type of impact,” he says. He is fascinated with mystery and ambiguity, leaning into cinematic, rich instrumentals, and using video to coax new, deeper meanings from his songs. His dreams are close enough for Andye to grasp, and his faith in himself injects his work with a rare, grounded confidence that makes it impossible to fathom he won’t achieve his goals.

His most recent single, ‘Outta Love’, takes a lyrically self-reflective approach, exploring the different ways in which Andye can be bold and unapologetically authentic as an artist. At its core, the song is about a complex and painful experience, but Andye pairs the heartfelt lyrics with his signature brand of upbeat, almost joyful instrumentation and smooth, sweet-as-honey vocals. The track has a disarming tension, catching the listener off-guard. In truth, there’s no telling how far Andye will go, but it seems a certainty he’ll join his idols as a household name in the near future.

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