MICO is a 20-year-old Toronto-based Pop singer-songwriter who is quickly earning worldwide acclaim with over 25 Million Global Music Streams, all while remaining fiercely independent and building a loyal fanbase. He boasts 458,000 Followers on TikTok with 11.5 Million Likes on the platform. MICO’s new single “cut my hair” started out as a demo that he shared on his TikTok which his fans turned into a cult classic all before the track had even been officially released. "cut my hair” netted him over 5 million new views across all platforms. 

In an era when seemingly everyone wants to blow up overnight on TikTok, MICO is proof that nothing beats great music and consistency. Back in high school, MICO would sing in Discord voice chats and Twitch streams to connect with new listeners one-by-one. For MICO, the internet isn’t an afterthought—it’s like his second home. He has built solid relationships with his fans and met future music collaborators online. All of this has culminated in millions of streams and selling out his first Toronto show last November that had 300+ fans singing along to every word. 

Things are just beginning for MICO but it is obvious this crafter of Pop anthems is one to watch. Ontario and Quebec tour dates have been announced for May and June, with more shows to be added shortly, and he will release his third EP later this year.