The Banker Boys


Ryan Trasolini and Zach Stadnyk are The Banker Boys, two melodic deep house DJs that have arrived to disrupt the dance music scene. Even though they found their niche as venture capitalists later in life, both Ryan and Zach had realized they wanted to be musical artists at a young age. With the project centered on the duo’s investment banking backgrounds, The Banker Boys aim to bring bangers and glamor everywhere they go – from the nightclub to the athletic club.

Since debuting with their first single “Eyes” featuring friend and vocalist Stephen Puth, they’ve enabled more than 400,000 listeners to enjoy the finer things in life, even if it’s just for one night. As they prepare to release “Out Of My Head” with fellow Canadian artist Shawn Hook this summer, the rich melodies and luxurious image that precede them are here to stay. Every tune will be ready to electrify any dance floor and turn up the heat, regardless of the season. “Creating is such an intimate and intuitive process,” affirms The Banker Boys, “but we want to have our shot at releasing the anthem of the summer and hear it blasted through speakers…globally…and party with everyone listening.”

The Banker Boys invite you to invest in them through your listening. “Out Of My Head” releases on July 14, 2023.