YUNG LEO is a fantastic new, young artist out of Montreal who is unapologetically herself. A strong vocalist and songwriter who writes hook-filled tunes and delivers them with authenticity and a "coolness" that is uniquely her own. Having spent the last few years making music in Montreal recording studios and collaborating with producers including Tim Buron (Charlotte Cardin), Connor Seidel (Ralph), Mike Clay and Luca Liberatore, YUNG LEO has found her musical identity in pop blending both indie-pop elements with radio worthy melodies.

Having performed in shows and festivals across major Canadian cities, including Montreal's International Jazz Festival, YUNG LEO is making a splash as an exciting emerging Canadian artist. With over 500,000 streams, many placements on editorial playlists and a notable feature in ELLE Quebec magazine, this is just the beginning for YUNG LEO.

Currently working on a new body of work, YUNG LEO is excited to share her new singles and upcoming EP as a follow-up to her debut EP entitled Happy Thanksgiving D***heads, which was written with dark undertones. In contrast, YUNG LEO's new sound has a brighter, feel-good quality that will make you want to dance and sing along in your living room.

Which brings us to this first new single, "Habit."

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