Carolyn + Dan


City: Welland

Status: Married

He's the only man I ever loved, twice. Met at 15 and dated til 20. Then his brain fell out and left me for someone. Said he regretted it the day he got married to her. BUT...he had his children and I married and had mine. Three and three. One girl two boys each. All in same age range. His boys are ONE YR, ONE MTH, ONE DAY apart and so are mine. The children are very very close despite having our exes in their lives. We raised all 6 pretty much full time and stayed so in love the whole time. Every time we go through something, it brings us closer and closer like when my daughter was in a coma. We are so respectful to each other and every day we both think 'what can I do to make their day better' and it works. He is the love of my life and always was. When I was told it was infatuation at 15, it wasn't. It was true love. We met 15 years later and were married in 10 months. We just knew!!! We both had omens on our wedding days signifying it wasn't right but we got our beautiful children so that's all that matters. His daughter calls me mom and is the other love of my life.  I am so close to 2 of his children and all 3 of mine adore Dan. It's unbelievable really. We've been married 23 years and just today I told a business associate (when asked how we are handling a business issue we are having) and I said it's brought us even closer and it has. There is nothing that can compare to what I have an would trade him for anyone. We have even decided that If one of us is very ill and dying that the other wants to die at the same time. We don't want to be on earth without each other. Sick eh'  Lol. Our kids gag when they see us but also love it. My two children and his one work together and get along amazingly well. It's uncanny. It was so meant to be and we feel it. We do everything together, work, shop, play together. Not much more to tell you but it's pretty amazing!  Even my ex is aware of how in love we are 'gets it.'