Stacie + Merle


City: Stevensville

Status: Married

We're coming up on 25 years of marriage and he still looks at me in that way that makes me feel I'm the only person in the room.  Though we've had our challenges Merle supports and loves me every day... through crazy ideas and new business ventures. He lets me be myself and encourages me to try new things.  I love him because he works so hard, and cares so deeply for those in his employ.  He loses sleep when there doesn't seem to be enough work for everyone and will not admit it. Merle is generous and an amazing father to our children who is present always in every moment for them. How many words am I allowed to write? There are so many reasons why I'm crazy in love with this guy and I could go on and on.  But that deep down warm gushing in my heart says it all....