Bobbie Jo + Scott




Why are you crazy in love? We are probably no different in that we have been together since we were 15, married, 2 amazing boys

It's how we got there that keeps us strong and in love. We made the choice to go away to be married so we could have a down payment on our first house. Along cane our boys and than the fun began
The next 15 yrs have been a whirlwind of coaching, driving, yelling,crying, laughing and all of a sudden we are watching the boys drive away to be with friends, no longer hanging out with mom and dad. Here's where I feel we set ourselves apart. When you have all this new time together you have to find what it was that brought you together all those years ago. We were kids, it was by dumb luck or destiny that it turned out we really enjoyed each other's company. We have date nights
Take silly pics that embarrass the boys.. what we are missing is that time alone and away. As you all know, life doesn't always deal us an easy hand
We are no different
Through health scares and finances and life in general we have always struggled to find a way to reconnect in a romantic stress free environment. We may never get that chance but that's ok. It won't define our love for each other
We have been through too much together, but I would be lying if I said it wouldn't be amazing to have an opportunity to make a memory we would not otherwise get to have. Bottom line, I'm sure we aren't alone, so many deserving moms and dads out there.. in closing I'll say this, there are a lot of us all coming home from work every night and sitting on the couch saying when is it my Turn, when's my break? No matter what happens we got our break when we met29 urs ago, but a helping hand along the way would be a great way to celebrate each other in a way we never experienced.We have entered every year its exciting listening to you surprise lucky couples hopefully are story brings
The angels to our door
This year!!!
Bobbie Jo and Scott Nault

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