Garth + Jayne


City: St. Catharines

Status: Dating

Why are you crazy in love?  Jayne and I went to High School together here in St.Catharines. She was a knock-out. Being kind of a geek back then, whenever we would pass in the hallways, and she would look in my direction, I would avert my eyes.
After school, we both went our separate ways. Mine was to Nebraska for about 30 years. I moved back about four years ago. She found me on social media and sent me a message asking if I was Garth who went to SWC. It freaked me out, as after several years I did not quite recognize her. I grabbed an old yearbook and there she was, the same beautiful woman from my school days. She's still a knock-out. After several chats we decided to meet. I fell head over heels, crazy in love with her not long after that, and still feel that way every day. She makes me giddy and feel a bit like we are kids in school again, but this time I CAN look into Jaynes beautiful green eyes and don't want to stop.
Jayne has a wonderful sense of humour and makes me laugh and smile, a lot. She is truly a gem who I've been lucky enough to have had find me. She is always glass half full.
For all the smiles she puts on my face, it would be huge to be able to surprise her with this Sandals vacation and put such a huge smile on hers.

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