Celebrity Gossip: Teresa Giudice, Peter Weber, Jared Leto and More!


TERESA GIUDICE ASKS FOR PRAYERS AND GUIDANCE: Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is hoping to find guidance as her father Giacinto Gorga struggles with health issues and her husband Joe Giudice faces deportation to his native Italy. Teresa reportedly sought out Elvira Grau, a friend, for help. “She knew I was going to Israel the next day with my Kabbalah family, so she wrote a note for me to take to Jerusalem to pray for her family,” Grau told Page Six. “To pray for her dad that’s sick, her four beautiful daughters, and for guidance and direction.”

PETER WEBER HAS EMERGENCY SURGERY: While filming ABC's The Bachelor in Costa Rica, Peter Weber was hospitalized, according to reports. The 28-year-old was on a golf date and “split his face open” after tripping onto a cart and falling on cocktail glasses, Radar reports. He had emergency surgery and had to get 22 stitches. The new season is set to bow in January. 

WHO STOLE JARED LETO’S HEAD? In May, Jared Leto walked the red carpet at the 2019 Met Gala with his decapitated head. As it turns out, the 47-year-old tells GQ, the iconic accessory is MIA. He spills:  "I think someone may have stolen it. If anyone out there finds it, bring it into your nearest Gucci store in exchange for a pair of dirty sneakers."

TODD AND JULIE CHRISLEY CLEARED OF TAX EVASION CHARGES: Reality stars Todd and Julie Chrisley have been cleared of $2 million in tax evasion charges, according to ET. The pair, who pleaded not guilty, were accused of cheating on their taxes by Georgia’s Department of Revenue. “Julie and I knew all along that we had done nothing wrong and that when the facts all came out, we would be fine,” Todd said in a statement. “We’re just glad that the Department of Revenue was willing to keep an open mind and look at all the evidence.”

AARON PAUL SAYS BREAKING BAD LIKE A FAMILY REUNION: Aaron Paul tells ET that making El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie was a blast. "We were really truly such a family, and it felt like a crazy sort of messed up family reunion just telling the same old messed up story," he recalled. "It was a lot of fun, so much fun."