Fred Rogers� Widow Gushes about Tom Hanks Portrayal of her Late Husband

In a recent interview with People magazine, Joanne Rogers (Fred Rogers widow) expresses how happy she is about the upcoming film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood—particularly the casting of the one and only Tom Hanks. “One of the most wonderful things about this film is that Tom Hanks is playing Fred Rogers,” Joanne says. “Fred Rogers was a huge fan of Tom Hanks. He looks adorable as Fred.”

Joanne goes on to add some heartwarming sentiments, saying the film is a “fabulous tribute to Fred”, who she was married to for 51 years. She goes on to comment on what Mr. Rogers himself would have thought of the project: “I think he would like this very much. There’s a wonderful energy there. It’s a very needful film right now.”