Rob Lowe Offends Sports Fans Everywhere With His Hat


On Sunday night, Rob Lowe attended the San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers game in a bid to fight for a spot at the Super Bowl. (San Fran won 37-20). But on Twitter, all eyes were on Lowe, and his hat.

Lowe opted for a hat bearing the NFL shield logo. For many, this was the height of outrage, as pre-Super Bowl games are seen as the time to pick a side, any side, and wear their pride in said side in the form of hats, shirts, pins, banners and other ephemera.

Lowe was born in Charlottesville, Virginia, then raised in Dayton, Ohio, then moved to Malibu. He is a known Indianapolis Colts fan, so no technical connection to anyone playing, but that didn’t stop Twitter from raking him over the coals. 

Said one wit: “Rob Lowe loves all 32 teams equally”.

Another observed: “Full list of people who own generic NFL caps: 1. Roger Goodell 2. Referees 3. Rob Lowe”.

Lowe himself saw his name trending and rejoined: “I didn’t expect my hat to be the most interesting part of this game!”