Child and mother rescued from Niagara River, man remains missing


Niagara Police continue to look for a 28-year-old man who forcibly swooped up a young child and then jumped into the Niagara River.

The incident happened yesterday afternoon around 6:30 p.m. in the area of Jarvis Street and Niagara Boulevard in Fort Erie.

The child's 29-year-old mother jumped in to the water in an attempt to save her son, but onlookers say it wasn't long before she needed to be rescued as well.

Bob Steckley was in his driveway when he noticed the commotion going on by the water, so he ran to the shoreline with a few life jackets.

Steckley entered the water and said the boy was terrified. "His eyes were huge as I came towards him. He was starting to go under, splashing around."

Once the child was brought to shore, Steckley and another good Samaritan performed CPR on the unresponsive mother until they were relieved by emergency responders

The child's mother was transported to hospital in critical condition, while the young boy was taken to a local hospital for further assessment.

Steckley, a former ward 3 councillor, is still waiting to hear whether or not the mother pulled through. He says he didn't get much sleep last night.

Joshawa Raymond Douglas Brooks is facing charges of attempted murder and breach of probation, and police say he is still missing.

Search efforts continue today and anyone with information is asked to contact NRP dispatch at 905-688-4111.

Joshawa Raymond Douglas Brooks is pictured below.

NRP media release