Niagara Health has 28 patients being treated COVID-19


Niagara Health says they have 28 patients currently being treated for COVID-19.

So far they say they’ve tested 146 positive cases of the virus, with 2,666 tests having been done overall.

That’s 25 more positive cases than yesterday.

Of those 146 positive cases, Niagara Health has seen 10 deaths.

You may be wondering why Niagara Health is reporting slightly different overall case numbers than Niagara Region Public Health.

Niagara Health reports data collected at their facilities regardless of where the patient is from, whereas Niagara Region Public Health only reports on Niagara residents.

Niagara Health also says the two organizations have differing numbers because of when they collect their data.

Niagara Health updates their website everyday at 4pm, and Niagara Region Public Health updates theirs at noon.

We will continue to provide both sets of numbers.

See yesterday's data below.