Billie Eilish Urges Fans To Be Kind


Billie Eilish is urging her fans to be kinder.

“It really sucks how mean you guys are being to each other,” she said in an Instagram Story on Friday. “I don’t care if people are being mean to me. My entire life is hate all the time … it doesn’t bother me anymore.”

Eilish said she went a week without looking at her Instagram because she was “seeing some s**t that didn’t make me feel good about myself.”

The 17-year-old singer said she doesn’t want people to feel like they have to defend her on social media.

“I know you guys are trying to defend me and protect me … but I don’t want your day to be ruined because somebody else said some s**t,” Eilish insisted.

“Just be nicer to each other for real,” she said.

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