Trudeau addresses Quarantine Act and reports the US wants to station troops near the border

CKTB - NEWS - Trudeau March 26 2020 COVID-19

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke about the Quarantine Act, credit cards, and reports the US government wants to station troops near our shared border during his daily address.

Trudeau confirmed people who have recently returned to Canada but defy the mandatory 14-day quarantine period could face fines or even jail time.

“Public Health will be following up in many, many cases to make sure people are following these rules and enforcement will happen as enforcement does in various ways by our police and enforcement officers.”

He was later asked about credit card debt – a worry for many Canadians during these uncertain times. He said Finance Minister Bill Morneau is having conversations with big banks about credit card rates.

Trudeau acknowledged that credit card debt can present a significant challenge. “That is why we are encouraging [the banks] to take action to alleviate the burden for Canadians at the same as we are looking, on our end, at making credit more available and less expensive for Canadians to be able to make it through the next few months.”

The Prime Minister also responded to reports that the Trump administration wants to place troops within 30 km of our shared border. “Canada and the US has the longest unmilitarized border in the world and it is very much in both of our interests for it to remain that way. We have been in discussions with the United States on this.” Trudeau did not offer further clarification on that statement, except to say the unmilitarized border has benefited both countries and their respective economies tremendously.

Trudeau also warned of a text-based scam hinging on the Emergency Response Benefit announced yesterday.

He urged Canadians to visit the government’s official website to find reliable information on the benefit.