Welland continues push to remove lead pipes

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Work continues to eliminate lead pipes in the city of Welland.

Councillors got an update at this week's council meeting, learning they have eliminated around half of the city owned lead pipe lines that existed in 2010.

The city still owns around 300 lead pipes lines, and there are plans to remove 100 lead pipe lines a year over the next three years.

But Councillor Lucas Spinosa says the number of privately owned lead pipe lines was surprising.

"There's still 800 that we know about that are privately owned in people's homes. There's a program we have in place in Welland so that if people contact Welland Public Works department you can get up to $2,000 to remove these lead pipe services from your home."

Spinosa says the update to Welland Council coincidentally comes at the same time an investigation has revealed one-third of municipal water samples across Canada exceeded acceptable levels set out by Health Canada.

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