Billie Eilish Admits She Didn't Know How Much Cereal Costs


Don’t expect to see Billie Eilish on The Price is Right.

The 19-year-old singer has admitted she ended up with 70 mini boxes of Froot Loops because she didn’t know how much cereal costs.

“I don’t know what things cost because I’ve never been an adult before and, you know, I grew up with no money,” Eilish told Vanity Fair.

“It’s a really weird position I’m in. I feel kind of stupid because I’m like, I don’t know how much Froot Loops are. I tried to order one box of Froot Loops and I was like, Oh yeah, sure. It’s $35. I didn’t know that that’s expensive.”

Eilish added: “I ordered 70 boxes.” (Amazon in the U.S. sells a 70-pack of 27g boxes of Froot Loops for $35.70.)

Elsewhere in the Vanity Fair interview, Eilish said the music she is making for her next album "feels exactly how I want it to. There isn’t one song, or one part of one song, that I wish was this or that I wish it was that."

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