Does a mask protect you from COVID-19?


There is a lot of confusion over whether wearing a mask will protect you from COVID-19. Many in the medical community say it will. The Word Health Organization recommends you not wear one unless you have the virus.  Infectious disease specialist Dr. Issac Bogosh has some concerns about masks.

"There's a way to wear it, people don't wear it correctly," says Dr. Bogosh.  "People are re-using single purpose masks.  People say doctors wear masks all the time.  But remember we're not just wearing masks.  When we're face to face with a patient who might have an infection we're also wearing eye protection, gloves and a gown. People who are using masks are very frequently touching their face, re-adjusting the mask, fiddling with the mask, which completely negates any of the safety that the mask provides."

However, many people still feel the need to wear one. Only if to make themselves feel better.

"I'm open to the idea that if people feel that it is going to help them, that's their opinion and that's fine they're welcome to do what they want to do," says Dr. Bogosh.  "I'm just concerned that it may provide a false sense of protection."

Dr. Bogosh agrees with the World Health Organization that you don't need to wear a mask unless you have COVID-19.