Immune from CVOID-19?


Much like the debate over whether or not masks protect from COVID-19, there are differing opinions on whether you're immune after recovery from the virus.  It seems medical experts don't know for sure.

"But it's very likely, and there's a growing consensus in the medical and scientific community, that after you've been infected with the virus you're likely to be immune to that infection at least for the duration of this pandemic," says infectious disease specialist Dr. Issac Bogosh.

The twist is, like many viruses, COVID-19 will change over time.

"Just like influenza, for example, changes with time and people can be re-infected with different strains of influenza," says Dr. Bogosh.  "That may be the case with COVID-19.  But these are unanswered questions.  It's just likely that people would not get re-infected with this."

Dr. Bogosh also says it's not clear to what extent or how long someone might be immune.