Praise for government COVID-19 benefits - concern over bureaucracy


The Canadian Taxpayers' Federation is concerned bureaucracy will seriously affect how the federal government will get COVID-19 benefits to Canadians.

Many of the benefits are supposed to kick in for application on Wednesday.

"The issue here is do we have enough people who work at Service Canada still able to pick up the phone," says Canadian Taxpayers' Federation, BC Director Kris Sims. "A lot of them aren't working in public anymore, physically at offices."

 A better way might be the American way Sims says. The White House is cutting a cheque for everyone who qualifies for COVID-19 benefits as announced by U-S President Trump.

"Especially now, that is often the better way," Sims says.  "Even if there is a slight overpayment in some cases, the vast majority of people certainly need this money.  It's a lot quicker to cut the cheque, go.  Rather than, tell me the last time you worked, give me your details, everybody line up.  A lot of people are struggling right now. They are really, really strained. The government has to come through and get this done.  I hope they do."