Livin’ On A Prayer

Team TJ Living on a Prayer

“Whoa, we’re half way there!” 

I sure hope Jon doesn’t mind me borrowing a line from one of Bon Jovi’s biggest hits.   I’ve reached the proverbial peak of my chemotherapy mountain.  Yes, treatment #3 of 6 is behind me and I am so stinkin’ happy!  I can actually begin to see the light at the end of my breast cancer tunnel. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I know I still have plenty of knobby knolls to climb.   The days immediately following treatment suck.  As you are reading this (and thank you for taking the time), I will be spending the better part of my days in bed.  The first week or so after treatment is the hardest.  It only makes sense when you consider the toxic ‘cancer fighting’ chemicals that are coursing through my body.  Nausea, heartburn, prickly scalp, mouth sores, fatigue…it’s all part of the journey as I keep my sights set on that finish line.   I often feel useless and guilty just lying there, but Andy consistently and lovingly reminds me, my body has never worked harder.

I had a new twist added to my chemotherapy regimen since my last blog.  Just before treatment #2, I got quite sick and had to spend a day in the ER because my white blood cell count was frighteningly low.  When your WBC is low, you are super vulnerable to infection.  To help prevent that from happening again, my oncologist prescribed Grastofil injections.  These are self-administered shots that help your bone marrow produce white blood cells.  I took 5 days’ worth after treatment #2 and the injections worked like a charm.  Some folks get bone pain from the shots, but I was super lucky.  Plus, I felt really good going into treatment #3.  I will now take Grastofil for the remainder of my chemo treatments.

This may sound strange, but I’m already beginning to feel a renewed sense of energy and life.  Is that what a cancer diagnosis does?  When you have good days, do they automatically become really good days because you’ve had to endure so many poopy ones?  Or is it because that 5 cm tumour in my breast is long gone and the chemo is ridding me of any remaining, microscopic cancer cells?  I’m sure it’s all of the above and am so happy I’ve had days of late where I feel better than before I was diagnosed. 

As a quick aside, I’ve actually felt well enough to get back into my sewing room.  I found a really cute head scarf pattern on Pinterest to cover my personal cue ball.  I made one out of some pink camo fabric my mom gave me.  As soon as Andy saw the head wrap, he requested his own so that we could match.  😊  The pic is attached.  

Moving forward, I begin a new drug cocktail for treatments 4-6 and am praying it’s no more challenging than the first concoction.  Oh, and then radiation will follow.  I have yet to meet my radiation oncologist or find out how many ‘rads’ I will need, but will keep you posted.  In the meantime, I hope you will join me in celebrating the halfway point of chemotherapy.  I honestly couldn’t get through all of this without your continued love, support, texts, emails, gifts, cards, thoughts and prayers.  Thank you. 

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