4-year old boy shows off his parallel parking skills

Parallel parking kid

A four-year-old boy from China has amazed the internet with his unrivalled parallel parking skills.

Driving an electric toy car made to look like a Range Rover, he barely needs a second glance before he begins the manoeuvre.

The boy has attracted heaps of respect from fellow motorists who were impressed by his performance in the video.

Posting on YouTube Linda Burnage said, 'Wow amazing. A future stunt man in the making. Great job kiddo'

Tony D said, 'He parks 10x better than me and I have a rear park assist w/camera. I need to get lessons from him.'

A jealous few however have insisted that the boy isn't the one in control at all and that the car instead being parked by remote control from someone behind the scenes.

Either way, I’m impressed!