Bomb Sniffing Dog Has Ball At His Retirement


Dog videos are heart touching, and they always seem to cheer us up!  We have a clip of a dog name Tirado who is about to retire from an airport in Indianapolis after 8 years of service.  

Tirado enters a room, where a wall is decorated with red, white, and blue balloons.   There is also a red suitcase lying on the floor in front of a row of seats. The adorable black lab rushes to the suitcase and starts sniffing.  All of a sudden, dozens of bright yellow tennis balls come showering down around him.  As folks in the background cheer, Tirado excitedly plays with the balls.  

We understand Tirado is named after Hector Luis Tirado…a firefighter who lost his life in the 9-11 attacks.

Click HERE to read the whole story and see the awesome video of Tirado celebrating his final sniff before retirement!