Eliminating Hatred One Tattoo Cover-up At A Time


Tattoos are permanent and can come with some regret. That is especially true for those who have tattooed symbols of hate on their bodies.

Now, a P.E.I. tattoo artist is hoping to help people move on from their hateful past by offering coverups for anyone with a hate tattoo — for free.

"This is sort of the thing that I do so if I can use that in a way to kind of try and help out and contribute, you know, I am completely willing to do that," said Jeff Wilson, owner of Infinite Expressions.

He said he got the idea when he saw similar campaigns in the U.S. and other parts of Canada.

"This is just something I have just done for me.… This is just a personal thing for me. I've kind of became known for doing coverups so I just figured I could use that to kind of help out."

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