Epic Reunion As Lawyer Thanks Her Grade One Teacher


More than 40 years after the fact…. an award-winning attorney has reunited with the teacher who went above and beyond to help her overcome severe struggles during grade school.

Ana Reyes has wanted to reach out to Pat Harkleroad over the decades after the former first-grade teacher helped her learn English as a 6-year-old.  You see before Ana’s family moved to the US, they had lived in Uruguay and Spain.   Because those were primarily Spanish-speaking countries, 5-year old Ana didn't speak any English, which made learning in a North American classroom nearly impossible.

For her part, 77-year old Pat said as Anna’s grade 1 teacher….she 'knew she had a job to do, and wasn't going to let the little girl fall through the cracks'. She says Ana was willing to work hard and do all the things needed to be successful.  Pat said that made her feel successful too!  By Grade four, Ana was put into a gifted program at school.  She is now an award-winning lawyer and says it’s all thanks, in large part to her grade one teacher and she’s so glad she tracked her down.

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