Everything You Need to Know After a Cancer Diagnosis


As you may or may not know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2018.  What followed was a sometimes gruelling regimen of surgery, chemotherapy & radiation. I am now on a five year clinical trial in the hopes of keeping the cancer at bay. Over the course of the last 14 months, I have experienced emotions like never before. The highs and lows of a cancer diagnosis can be quite overwhelming. Thank goodness for the amazing support network around me...family, friends, listeners, strangers....the whole community. I am truly blessed.

My diagnosis also introduced me to many new friends. In fact, Andy and I were fortunate to meet a wonderful fellow by the name of Alan Hobson, at the Run for the Cure in October. Alan is a two time cancer survivor and adventurer...he has actually climbed Mount Everest. He is also the brainchild behind a tremendous program for cancer survivors and their loved ones. It's called "The Climb Back from Cancer Survivorship Program". It is a must-read survivor manual, that is accompanied with an audiobook. Alan, along with one of his generous sponsors, gifted me the program and I am forever grateful. I actually got to speak about the program and am now featured in a short clip on his website.

Andy and I recently heard from Alan about some awesome news. Here is what he shared:

The newly formed “Climb Back From Cancer Survivorship Institute” is to get its first instalment of sponsorship funding. Once it’s received, we’ll begin to promote “The Climb Back from Cancer Survivorship Program” and www.SurviveCANcer.ca in earnest.  Our goal is to get the program into the hands of at least 10,000 newly diagnosed patients and their primary personal caregivers in the next 12 to 18 months – for free to them!  

Click HERE to read more about the program and to see the amazing work Alan and his team are doing for cancer survivors!