Grandmother-Granddaughter Duo Delight with Fairy House Tour


This grandmother-granddaughter team have been making fairy houses for years, but when COVID-19 hit they got busy creating little magical vignettes they could place outside for the community to enjoy.

The fairy tour begins on a New York state street, at a tiny mailbox next to a tree that holds a listing of each little house and its name—14 all together.

An arrow points the way to a lovely flower-filled garden where the houses are nestled in between greenery and colorful blooms.

The first stop on the Finger Lakes tour is ‘Bernie’s Buttons’: a round mosaic house with a bright pink door and jewels that sparkle in the sun. It’s made out of a tin can, plaster of Paris, old buttons, glitter, and beads.

“We love to use things that can be recycled, and other found objects, like old buttons” says the grandmother Carol. “We especially enjoy making the pathways. We just use plaster from the hardware store and inset all types of things from pebbles to glitter and plastic jewels.”

Next stop is ‘Finley’s Shanty’, where an old stone pathway welcomes visiting fairies to enter via the round wooden door. A huge crystal ball glows with mysterious powers. A tiny handmade sign says ‘Welcome’ and a decorative wire bench invites tired fairies to sit for a spell.

Where do the fairies go for lunch? ‘Beans Pod’.

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