Man Who Grew Up Without A Dad Goes Viral Sharing Fatherly Advice


Rob Kenney's dad left his family when Rob was just 12. One of eight kids, Rob went to live with his older brother when he was 14, spending his teenage and young adult years without a father to guide him.

Now a father of two grown children himself, Rob is offering others the fatherly wisdom and skills he had to gain on his own. His YouTube channel "Dad, How Do I?" shares videos on everyday practical things most people might ask their dad like the proper way to tie a tie, how to unclog a sink and how to check the oil in your car.

Since Rob's YouTube channel was launched on April 1st, it has exploded in popularity.  Rob has 2.2 million subscribers!  

Rob runs the channel with his daughter who calls him with questions on "adulting" all the time.  He says he has been blown away by the response and how his channel has touched so many people. Here is a video of Rob explaining different types of pliers: 

(Story source: GoodMorningAmerica.Com)