Nourish Families Now Offers A Book to Help Kids With Their Feelings


Nourish Families came to life seven months ago to help families and restaurants struggling through the pandemic.  The Initiative is the brainchild of Vicky Wallace, a play therapist, who's career was also sidelined by COVID.  Vicky just knew she had to do something.  So she started up NF to help put food on the tables of those in need AND support restaurants at the same time.  Since day one, NF has expanded to include 4 communites, 700+ meals have been donated to families in need and over $2000.00 has been raised for the cause.

We got a note from Vicky the other day about something really cool they are doing now.  

How are you doing? I wanted to let you know about this lovely book we are selling to raise money for free child counselling and parent support. It's called 'Bot-bot The Robot Finds His Feelings' .

About 2 years ago my cousin, Nicola Lathey was flying over to visit my family from the UK. She had written a poem on the plane and read it to my boys who were 3 and 4 at the time. They made her read it three times and continued to ask for the 'Bot-bot book' often over the next few months, even thought they had never seen any pictures for it and it had been read off of a phone! I was also really taken with her poem and made it my mission to remind her about every 3 months about trying to get it published. 

When schools closed and went online, I asked her to send me the story so I could read it to my son's Kindergarten class. They all loved it as well and made their own pictures. Finally, a friend of Nicky's offered to do some illustrations and when it was done she kindly agreed to let Childhood Connections sell 500 copies, with all the proceeds going to fund free Play Therapy sessions as part of their program, Playful Healing. 

The book encourages emotional literacy and uses some of the colors from the Zones of Regulation. I love it because it shows that ALL feelings are ok (not just the good ones) we feel it should be a staple on every young child's bookshelf!

The link to buy this book is at

It is also available for purchase at the Childhood Connections office at 1890 Ambrosi Rd and Mosaic Books downtown.

Thanks so much!

We had the great pleasure of chatting with Vicky about this awesome new book, "Bot Bot the Robot Finds His Feelings":