Old Suitcase Filled with Photos Reunites Living Loved Ones


It’s a classic tale of days gone by: photos passed on between generations telling the story of a family’s history. Then they end up untouched, gathering dust in a forgotten corner of the house until the next move or Spring clean.

Carol Richards nearly fell into that trap until an old brown suitcase caught her eye.  The Washington State woman stumbled upon stacks and stacks of black and white family pictures and albums while cleaning the garage.  They had been passed down many years before by her husbands’ David’s grandmother.

Amazingly, 90% of the images are labeled.  Setting up the Facebook page Memories from Helen’s Suitcase, the process of reuniting the photos with living loved ones has begun. 

Wouldn’t it be neat to do something like that if you found an old suitcase full of family photos?

Click HERE to read the whole story and see a video of Carol talking about her project.