Optical Illusion Places Tot Inside Lion Enclosure


A trick of the light can make a really big impact. Thanks to an optical illusion, a mom snapped a photo of her four-year-old boy apparently inside the enclosure of a big cat.

Little Noah Moore was mesmerized by a giant feline when his mom took him to Colchester Zoo in Essex, England.  28-year-old Shanice was snapping away, taking photos of her son as he gazed up excitedly at Bailey the lion lying against the glass. 

But it was only when Shanice and her partner Jake Moore were heading back home that she looked back at her photos… and saw Noah looking perilously close to Bailey in one of her pictures.  The image shows just Noah’s reflection in the glass of the enclosure, making it look like the youngster is standing inside, snuggled up against the lion’s bushy mane.

To make the photo even funnier, some picture-perfect words are written across the bottom of the glass: “We eat meat.”

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