Puppies Become Pink Puffballs After Mauling Moms Makeup


When Christine Amurao woke up on the morning of September 28th, she was convinced that something horrifying had gone on in her bedroom. Her bed and hands were covered in a reddish pink hue that she initially thought was blood. Not what you want on a Monday morning. Thankfully there’d been no murderous rampage.

Instead, her three puppies had instead been on a mischievous rampage in her makeup room. Investigating the scene she saw the naughty dogs – Toffee, Sparkle, and Sushi – outside the room chewing on the packaging of the colourant powder she uses to make lip tint and scrub.

After putting two and two together and realising it was nothing to call the cops over, Christine and her housemates were laughing at the mess – especially since three dogs had dyed themselves completely pink. She said: ‘They reached for the plastic and chewed it off until it was broken. They were already pink when I saw them.’

The colourant is edible and made from natural ingredients since it is used to manufacture make up. Christine added that the dogs are safe from chemicals because they use organic ingredients for the tints.

Their house was also covered with pink powder so she and her housemates spent the day cleaning, as well as giving Toffee, Sparkle, and Sushi two baths. The dogs remain pink after their scrub-downs, but Christine hopes that the colour will wash off eventually since it is not a permanent dye. People pay hundreds for that on-trend dye, don’t you know.

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