Seven Year Old Asks Babysitter to Adorable Mini Prom


This 7-year-old boy may not be old enough to go to high school, but he has proven himself to be quite a prom king after coming to the rescue of his nanny.  

17-year-old Rachel Chapman had been babysitting Curtis Rogers for almost a year prior to the COVID outbreaks. Between picking him up from school, taking him to piano lessons and helping with homework, Rachel had become a beloved part of Curtis’ family.

But lockdowns meant Rachel and Curtis weren’t able to see each other for a couple months.  In addition to missing Curtis and his family, Rachel was saddened by the cancellation of her senior prom and commencement ceremony.

When Curtis heard about Rachel’s prom, he insisted on throwing a socially distanced “mini-prom” for his beloved nanny in their backyard.   He pulled out all the stops for the celebration, too—even using a giant “promposal” sign to invite Rachel.

On the day of the mini-prom, Curtis wore a purple suit to match Rachel’s prom dress; he set out a fancy dinner table in the back yard with all of their favorite foods; and after raising a glass of juice to toast his babysitter, they danced six feet across from each other in order to maintain distancing.

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