Studio9 Students Salute Nurses In Poetic Fashion


Each year - since 2013 - students in middle school at Studio9 School of the Arts in Creative Writing have gone to perform for nurses at KGH during Nurses Week.  They have toured the hospital, talked with nurses and have shared stories, performed skits, songs & poetry. Normally they have taken their creations to each nursing station to perform live as a way to say “Thank You”.  

This year of course they cannot because of COVID-19.  But more than ever, a thank you is so warranted. So, instead the students have written poems to nurses and hospital staff that will be delivered by KGH's spiritual staff.  The sentiment is the same as the students believe these heroes need to know they care. 

A number of the students and/or their family members have had direct experience at KGH and have depended on the nurses for their comfort and relief from suffering. This is their way of saying THANK YOU!

One of the poems that will be delivered reads:

These COVID times are crazy

How do you guys stay so strong?

Always putting yourself on the front line

Never refusing help to anyone

Kindness that is nothing short of amazing


You work is very much appreciated

Our class is so glad to have you in our community

Unsung heroes, we sing your praises!